2018 Post-RELC Seminar

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About Post-RELC Seminar

The Post-RELC international seminar is a collaboration between Chulalongkorn University Language Institute (CULI) and the Ministry of Education. The seminar is held annually after the RELC international conference organized by the Regional Language Centre (RELC) in Singapore. The purpose of this seminar is to provide educators in ESL and EFL or other related fields in Thailand with an opportunity to hear about some of the papers presented in the conference in Singapore.
The Post-RELC international seminar addresses new trends and developments in English Language Teaching (ELT) as well as in other related fields every year. The talks by renowned academics are the highlight of the conference; however, local and international participants are also encouraged to share their ideas and experiences.


    1. To promote international collaboration in education
    2. To serve as an opportunity for Thai and international academics and practitioners to participate in discussions
         based on some of the talks given at the RELC International Conference in Singapore
    3. To provide the participants with new approaches in ELT and other related fields
    4. To bring ELT academics and practitioners together in idea and experience sharing

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