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January - June 2016

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Interview : A Special Interview with Dr Willy A Renandya National Institute of Education, Nanyang Technological University, Singapore
Pramarn Subphadoongchone [Pages : 1-13]

Implementing CLIL in Higher Education in Thailand: The Extent to Which CLIL Improves Agricultural Students’ Writing Ability, Agricultural Content, and Cultural Knowledg
Charinee Chansri, Punchalee Wasanasomsithi (DOI : 10.14456/pasaa.2016.1) [Pages : 14-37]

The Impact of Teaching Communication Strategies on English Speaking of Engineering Undergraduates
Tiwaporn Kongsom (DOI : 10.14456/pasaa.2016.2) [Pages : 38-69]

Variable Production of English Past Tense Morphology: A Case Study of a Thai-speaking Learner of English
Chariya Prapobaratanakul, Nattama Pongpairoj (DOI : 10.14456/pasaa.2016.3) [Pages : 70-95]

English-Thai Code-Switching of Teachers in ESP Classes
Korawan Promnath, Chamaipak Tayjasanant (DOI : 10.14456/pasaa.2016.4) [Pages : 96-125]

The Development and Validation of Willingness-to-Listen in L2 (WTL) Scale
Ahmet Selçuk Akdemir (DOI : 10.14456/pasaa.2016.5) [Pages : 126-154]

Rhetorical Structure of Education Research Article Methods Sections
Baoya Zhang, Anchalee Wannaruk (DOI : 10.14456/pasaa.2016.6) [Pages : 155-184]

An Analysis of Intercultural Communicative Competence: Hotel Front Office Personnel in Bangkok
Manachai Inkaew (DOI : 10.14456/pasaa.2016.7) [Pages : 185-214]

In the Right Place at the Right Time: Asian English Accents in a Listening Test for Healthcare Professions
Khwanchanok Suebsook, Dumrong Adunyarittigun (DOI : 10.14456/pasaa.2016.8) [Pages : 215-234]

Conceptualization of Depth of Vocabulary Knowledge with Academic Reading Comprehension
Md. Kamrul Hasan, Ahmad Affendi Shabdin (DOI : 10.14456/pasaa.2016.9) [Pages : 235-268]

Idea Sharing : Do Students Learn Better Through a More Entertaining Way? The Case of Taiwan EFL Students
Chin Min Lin, Chita Wu (DOI : 10.14456/pasaa.2016.10) [Pages : 269-280]

Book Review : Exploring Psychology in Language Learning and Teaching
Chamaipak Tayjasanant [Pages : 281-285]


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