Refereed Journals of Language Teaching and Learning

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July – December 2021



Test Takers’ Perceptions of Design and Implementation of an Online Language Testing System at a Thai University during the COVID-19 Pandemic
Kornwipa Poonpon [Pages : 1-28]

Predictive Validity of the CU-TEP as an Indicator of Students’ Academic Achievement in English
Chalatip Charnchairerk [Pages : 29-60]

Applying Lexical Profiling to Construct Technical Word Lists for Thai Tourist Guides
Piyanuch Laosrirattanachai, Piyapong Laosrirattanachai [Pages : 61-91]

The Role of Conversation Analysis-Informed Instruction to Enhance EFL Learners’ Conversational Skills: Repair Strategies in Focus: Bahir Dar University, Ethiopia
Lemma Kassaye [Pages : 92-118]

Using Songs in Teaching Pronunciation to Young EFL Learners
Gizem Saldıraner, Emrah Cinkara [Pages : 119-141]

Factors related to the desire for L1 support in the EFL classroom
Paul Joyce, Hans von Dietze, Alison von Dietze, Brian McMillan [Pages : 142-172]

Dialogic Teaching as a Way to Promote Students’ English Language Use in EFL classroom
Kamolwan Fairee Jocuns [Pages : 173-203]

What Techno-effective Teachers Mean for Preservice Teachers of English: A Socio-Constructivist Study
Tuçe ÖZTÜRK KARATAŞ, Hasan Çağlar BAŞOL [Pages : 204-235]

Reflective Practice in Teacher Education: Issues, Challenges, and Considerations
Ponsawan Suphasri, Sumalee Chinokul [Pages : 236-264]

Bottom-up Enactments of Overseas Professional Learning and Development by Thai University English Teachers
Indika Liyanage, Phatchara Phantharakphong, Piyada Sudathip, Ong-Art Namwong [Pages : 265-296]

Book Review
Vu Anh Tran [Pages : 297-310]


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