Many people get sick during the monsoon season. They either capture colds or flu due to the sudden fluctuations in temperature. As a student or a working citizen, you must protect yourself from getting sick.

         Here are some sickness-preventing countermeasures you can try:

    1. Prepare Your Rain Gear – The most effective way not to get sick during the rainy season is to wear rain gear. The primary components of rain gear are the umbrella, rain coat or hooded jacket, and waterproof shoes. If you have a complete set of rain-repulsing items, your chances of getting sick totally decreases.

    2. Load Up on Vitamin C – Vitamin C, as a cure for the common cold, is still being debated upon by medical researchers. What it really does is reduce the severity of the cold’s symptoms, making them tolerable. With a healthy supply of vitamin C in your body, your antibodies will repulse the cold virus faster. Some doctors even say that the vitamin stands as a form of cold prevention.

    3. Take a Shower when You Get Soaked by Rain – At first glance, this suggestion seems far-fetched. If you think about it clearly, taking a shower right after getting drenched by rain actually makes sense. Diseases develop when your body experiences a drastic change in temperature. Taking a shower stabilizes the cold temperature brought by rain drops then enforces a gradual shift back to your normal temperature once you dry yourself.

    4. Sweat Out the Symptoms – Before a flu develops, you will feel your body weaken and your mind clouded. You can stop those symptoms from developing into a full-fledged fever by sweating. Of course, the best from of sweating is through exercise. You can jog around the area of your home when you start to feel cold and do some indoor exercises. By doing so, not only will you sweat out the symptoms, but you will also be healthier in the process.


5. Hot Soup – Consuming a bowl of hot soup is healthy, especially during the monsoon months. Its temperature will give your body some warmth, that will help you withstand rain and the cold monsoon breeze longer. For people soaked in rain water, soup provides instant relief since its warm base clears up phlegm in the nasal cavities and general throat area. It also cleanses your body as it carries away bacteria and waste products to the body’s excretory system.

        6. Clean Hands –You probably know how the common cold’s symptoms can escalate during the rainy season. To keep yourself safe, clean your hands regularly and always bring a hand sanitizer.

        7. Drain your Sickness Away – Drinking water is an indirect form of prevention and sometimes treatment to all sorts of illnesses. Water hydrates the body, helping it deal with cold and flu viruses. Water also cleanses the body as it washes away germs and bacteria through your excretory systems. The “eight glasses a day” rule isn’t really necessary. You should just drink to your heart’s content daily.

        8. Don’t Touch Your Face –The usual entry points of the virus is through your facial organs. The rainy season is the breeding ground of cold and flu viruses. Clearly, you must avoid placing your hands anywhere near your face or the faces of other people during the monsoon months.

       9. Eat Vegetables – According to some medical researchers, vegetables that contain phytochemicals work better than vitamin C. They are more efficient in pacifying the symptoms of colds and flu. Eating a good dose of vegetables also lessens your recovery time from those illnesses. Vegetables are also rich in vitamin A, that makes your eyes healthier. What more can you ask for from these nutritious plants?

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