Call for Abstracts

CULI TERA ERF International Conference 2024 welcomes and invites oral and poster presentations as well as workshops in the following areas related to English reading:

  • Critical reading
  • Reading literacy
  • Reading motivation
  • Extensive reading
  • Reading for academic purposes
  • Teaching and assessing reading
  • Using literature in ELT
  • Innovative approaches in teaching reading
  • Reading for young learners
  • Reading in an electronic age
  • Other related areas

  • Categories of the Presentation and Workshop:
    1. A 30-minute oral presentation which includes Q&A at a parallel session
    2. A one-hour poster presentation which includes Q&A at a parallel session
    3. A 45-minute workshop which includes Q&A

    Required Information for Submission:
    1. A title of your presentation or workshop with a maximum of 25 words
    2. An abstract in English for all types of presentation and workshop of 200-250 words
    3. A short bio with a maximum of 100 words

    Please click here to download the abstract submission form. Then complete the form and submit a Word file to
    Dr. Chariya Prapobratanakul, Head of Seminar Organizing Unit, at no later than May 31, 2024.

    *Please note that our conference is on-site only.

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