The Directory and Administrative Board

CULI Director
Associate Professor Dr.Jirada Wudthayagorn
Culi Director
CULI Administrator
Ajarn Nanthiya Wichayathian
Deputy Director for Administration and Planning
Associate Professor Dr. Punchalee Wasanasomsithi
Deputy Director for Academic Affairs
Assistant Professor Samertip Karnchanachari
Deputy Director for Academic Services
Assistant Professor Dr. Wutthiphong Laoriandee
Deputy Director for International Affairs
Assistant Professor Dr.Chulaporn Kongkeo
Deputy Director for Research
Head of the Teaching Divisions
Assistant Professor Monthira Damrongmanee
Head of the Division of English for Social Sciences & the Humanities
Assistant Professor Dr.Araya Ramsin
Head of the Division of English for Science & Technology
Assistant Professor Dr.Woralan Kongpolphrom
Head of the Division of English for Business