PASAA Volume 65 January - June 2023 (ISSN: 2287-0024)

14 June 2023
Re-examining Productive-Skills Anxiety Constructs in Online Instructional Contexts Involving Thai Undergraduates Following the COVID-19 Pandemic

Teaka Sowaprux and Chatraporn Piamsai

English Proficiency as a Predictor of Academic Performance in the Context of Non-English as a Medium of Instruction

Siti Nurul Azkiyah, Yenny Rahmawati, M. Shohibussirri,
Yunita Faela Nisa, Neneng Sunengsih, and Amirul Mukminin

Exploring EFL Preservice Teachersʼ Sense of Self-Efficacy in Teaching: An Indonesian Case

Caecilia Tutyandari

Feedback on EFL Indonesian Studentsʼ Theses: Studentsʼ Concerns and Needs

Dwi Poedjiastutiea, Thathit Manon Andinia, Diny Agustiana Wulandaria and Yudhi Afrifanib

Turkish EFL Learnersʼ Receptive Affix Knowledge as a Diagnostic Tool to Predict Their Productive Derivative Vocabulary Knowledge

Mustafa Yildiz

Clausal or Phrasal: Variability of Lexical Bundles in L1 and Turkish L2 English Research Articles

Fatih Güngör and Hacer Hande Uysal

Investigating Moves, Types, and Positions of Stance Adverbials Used in Each Move in Online English Newspaper Editorials Published in Thailand

Seehhazzakd Rojanaatichartsakul

Perspectives on Online Learning and Technostress Experienced by Science and Non-science First-year University Students during COVID-19

Teerada Chongkolrattanaporn and Woralan Kongpolphrom

Revision of an Academic English Writing Rubric for a Graduate School Admission Test

Chawin Srisawat and Kornwipa Poonpon

An Exploration of Salespersons’ Communication Apprehension in English Communication: A Case of a Private Company in Thailand

Penpitcha Prakaiborisuth

Book review: A Philosophical Approach to Perceptions of Academic Writing Practices in Higher Education: Through a Glass Darkly

Harald Kraus