PASAA Volume 67 July - December 2023 (ISSN: 2287-0024)

28 December 2023
Instilling Growth Mindset to Promote Students' English Learning Behaviors and Oral Communication Learning Achievement

Ratchadaporn Janudom

Paraphrasing of Hedged Statements by Thai and Non-Thai EFL Medical Science Graduate Learners

Worawanna Petchkij

Investigating Proficiency of Academic English in Student Writing: A Comparative Case Study on Vocabulary Utilization in Student Research Article Writing vis-à-vis National and International Research

Donlawat Meebangsai, Pawarit Pongtin, Panjaphon Kitipoontanakorn and Piyapong Laosrirattanachai

The Use of Task-Based and Game-Based Learning in English Learning at Small Primary Schools in Nakhon Pathom, Thailand

Sasithida Saraiwanga and Kanoknate Worawonga

Developing Students’ Oral Interaction Competence Using Conversation Analytic Tools

Lemma Kassaye Sileshi

Effects of Structure, Salience, and Working Memory on L2 Processing of English Past Participles by L1 Thai Learners

Supakit Thiamtawan and Nattama Pongpairoj

Measuring EFL Students’ Oral Proficiency Improvement Using Teachers’ Judgment: The Effects of Two Types of Classroom Instruction

Dony Marzuki

Vocational High School Students’ Metacognitive Reading Strategy and Volition in Language Learning: A Correlational Study

Erina Andriani

The Effects of Inductive and Deductive Instruction in a Flipped Classroom on English Grammar Ability of Undergraduate Students in Thailand

Pornpimol Sukavatee

Application for Grammar Skills: A Case Study of Thai EFL Undergraduates

Munchuree Kaosayapandhu

Initial Insights into CEFR Adoption at a Language Faculty of a Public University in Malaysia

Alla Khan, Anne Rowena David, Aizat Hisham Ahmad, Azril Ali, and Salasiah Che Lah

ChatGPT in Language Education: How to Use it Ethically?

Mark Bedoya Ullaa, William Franco Peralesa, and Stephenie Ong Busbus

Gamification in Action: Trends and Opportunities in Language Teaching and Learning Practices

Kittichai Nilubol and Pragasit Sitthitikul

Idea Sharing: Becoming a Journal Editor as Professional Development

Wutthiphong Laoriandee

Book Review: Innovation in Learning-oriented Language Assessment

Penpitcha Prakaiborisuth

Book Review: The Routledge Handbook of Content and Language Integrated Learning

Narasak Sirikanjanawong