PASAA Volume 49 January - June 2015 (ISSN: 2287-0024)

วันที่ 1 มกราคม 2558
English Vocabulary Acquisition of Bilingual Learners at the Primary and Secondary Levels

Ruja Pholsward and Donrutai Boonprasitt

Assessing the Relationship between Vocabulary Learning Strategy Use and Vocabulary Knowledge

Feng Teng

CORI: Explicit Reading Instruction to Enhance Informational Text Comprehension and Reading Engagement for Thai EFL Students

Salila Vongkrachang and Apasara Chinwonno

Complex Interactions of Factors Underlying Thai EFL Learners' Willingness to Communicate in English

Kamlaitip Pattapong

Investigating th Use og Google Translate in

Tya Vidhayasai, Sonthida Keyuravong and Thanis Bunsom

Teaching English Writing for a Global Context: An Examination of NS, EST and EFL Learning Strategies That Work

Rebecca K. Webb

Idea Sharing: How to Maximize Participation in a Mixed-level English Class

Gordon D. Carlson

Review: The Companion to Language Assessment

Benjamas Dhammarungruang, Krittaya Ngampradit, Prathana Siwathaworn and Nattharmma Thong-Iam

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