PASAA Volume 35 April 2004 (ISSN: 2287-0024)

วันที่ 1 เมษายน 2547
A Special Talk with Professor Lyle F. Bachman Chair, UCLA Department of Applied Linguistic and TESL


Second Language Acquisition (SLA) and English Language Teaching (ELT)

Saksit Saengboon

Cultural Representations and Reference in English Textbooks Used at Second in Thailand: A Quantitative Analysis

Tanja Greil

Electronic English Excellence: Facilitating Educational Success for the Thai Learner in an International Environment

Jan Van Maele and An Schollen

A Survey of Writing Techniques, Authorship, Tenses, Voices, and Length of Opening Sentences of Medical Research Articles

Phan Banpho

EFL Classroom Discourse

Reongrudee Soonthornmanee

Teaching and Learning in a Thai University Classroom: Reflections on a Memorable Month

Sharon L. Pugh

Tasks that Work in the Thai Classroom

Hilary Isaacs

Measuring a Textbook Against the Thai Foundation English Course Goals and Standards

Measuring a Textbook Against the Thai Foundation English

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