PASAA Volume 28 December 1998 (ISSN: 2287-0024)

วันที่ 1 ธันวาคม 2541
Assessment of Language Proficiency

D. E. Ingram

Addressing the Grammar Gap in Content - Based Insruction

Jack C. Richards

Reading Comprehension: An Active Engagement or a Passive Experience?

Malinee Chandavimol

Media-Assisted and Content-Based Promotion of Intercultural Education in the ESL Classroom

Alex Sharma

Reciprocal Teaching in Reading Comprehension

Reongrudee Naranunn

Self-Directed Learning through the Internet and Intranet Pedagogy : A Choice for Language Teachers

Kanchana Prapphal

Cross-cultural Strategies and the Use of English in International Business Correspondence

Kulaporn Hiranburana

Error Treatment Strategies Used by NS and NNS ESL Writing Teachers

Ruja Pholsward

Literature in Language Classroom: An Overview

Punchalee Wasanasomsithi

Is Cheewajit English Terminology?

Annabel Bhamani Kajornboon

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