PASAA Volume 18 No.2 December 1988 (ISSN: 2287-0024)

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A Profile of an Effective L2 Reading Teacher

Jack C. Richards

Co-Operative Language Learning : What's News?

Ted Rodgers

Philosophy, Pedagogy, and Communicative Language Teaching

Edward Graybill

A Bi-Modality Approach to Language Program Design

Achara Wongsothorn

Teacher Ideology and the Climate for Change

Mike Long

A Process-Oriented Approach to In-Service Education of Teachers : An Overview

Prem S. Mathur

Computers in Language Teaching

Bhamani Kajornboon

Syllabus Design Reviewed by Lalita Morkpring

David Nunan and Lalita Morkpring

Teaching Listening Comprehension Reviewed by Parichat Choochotkaew

Penny Ur and Parichat Choochotkaew

Teacher Workshops - They Really Do Work!

Malinee Chandavimol

A Report on the 22nd International Association of Teachers of English as a Foreign Language (IATEFL) Conference, 11-14 April 1988

Naraporn Chan-O-Cha and Suchada Nimmanit

Domain-Referenced Tests for Secondary and Tertiary Levels of Education

Achara Wongsothorn

An Analysis of the Use and Characteristics of Feedback in Computer-Assisted Instruction

Sukanya Nimanandh

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