PASAA Volume 57 January - June 2019 (ISSN: 2287-0024)

1 January 2019
A Special Interview with Christopher Jenks about Language and Culture

Christopher Jenks

The Relationship between L2 Listening Proficiency and L2 Aural Language Processing

Paul Joyce

Dramatizing a Northeastern Thai Folklore to Lessen High School Students’ Communication Anxiety

Patcharapon Inphoo and Singhanat Nomnian

The L2 Motivational Self System of Low and High Achievers in a Cambodian context

Helene By and Chonlada Laohawiriyanon

The Effect of Learning Environments on Thai Speakers’ English L2 Vocabulary Depth

Sarut Supasiraprapa

Vocabulary Knowledge as a Predictor of Performance in Writing and Speaking: A Case of Turkish EFL Learners

Mehmet Kilic

Personality Traits of Thai Gen Z Undergraduates: Challenges in the EFL Classroom?

Chaisri Sriprom, Atichat Rungswang, Chirawan Sukwitthayakul and Natthicha Chansri

Idea Sharing: Analyzing the Principles & Techniques of English Language Teaching Emphasized in the Crescent English Course for Yemen

Hani Qasem Mohammed Asaad

Book Review: Durkheim and the Internet

Andrew Jocuns