PASAA Volume 19 No.2 December 1989 (ISSN: 2287-0024)

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Interview with Ajarn Mayuri Sukwiwat


ESL in the 21st Century

David Eskey

Some Controversies in Present-Day Error Analysis : "Contrastive" vs. "Non-Contrastive" Error

Gerhard Nickel

All the World's a Stage

Ted Plaister and Richard A. Via

Literacy and Applied Linguistics

Joe Palmer

Paradigmatic vs. Syntagmatic Language Learning

Thomas Scovel

Youth Culture in the United States : Some Implications for TEFL

Jerry Owens

Interactive Video : Educational Use

Panida Aue-Apaikul

Comparative Study of English Teaching and Learning at Graduate Level by Direct Teaching, Self Instruction and Personalizing Instruction

Achara Wongsothorn

Managing Teacher Development

Tom Hutchinson

Beyond Training : Approaches to Teacher Education

Jack C. Richards

Laryngeal Control in the Plosives of Standard Thai

Arthur S. Abramson

Language Shift in the Third Reign

Michael Smithies

The ABC's of Lexical Additions to American English

Edward M. Anthony

Concerning Oral Language Use and Difficult Situations

John Laycock

Discourse Analysis and the Classroom Teacher

Virginia La Castro

What was That You Called Me? : Forms of Address in Cross-Culture Interactions

Larry E. Smith

The Use of Address Terms in Thai during

M.R. Kalaya Tingsapat and Amara Prasithrathsint

Nature in Service of Literature

Chamnongsri L. Rutnin

The Translation of Literature Works and Cross-Cultural Understanding

Nitaya Masavisut

The Thai Popular Song and Its Literary Lineage

Chetana Nagavajara

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