PASAA Volume 16 No.2 December 1986 (ISSN: 2287-0024)

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Teaching and Learning English in Thailand : Some Problems and Remedies

Alan Mountford

Classroom Practices in Adult EFL : A Communicative Approach

Waoweaw Rongsa-ard

Changes in Curriculum in a Graduate Program for ESP Teachers : The Situation at Mahidol University

Keith Maurice

A Modified-Integrative Examination : A Comparative Study of the Current and the Proposed NIDA English Entrance Examination

Ponsawan Chavanachat, Kloichai Tantisevi, Piangchai Bundhurat, Chamnian Pribwai and Projanart Chongpeepien

Testing Student Language Performance at the Asian Institute of Technology

David Hall, Roger Hawkey and Brian Kenny

Identifying and Meeting the Needs of Thai University Teachers of English

Alan Waters

Methods That Work Reviewed by Malika Richards

John W. Oller, Jr. and Patricia A. Richard-Amato (Eds.)

Images and Options in the Language Classroom Reviewd by Saree Kulsiriswad

Earl W. Stevick

A Brief Report on the Thai/TESOL Seminar : "Analysis of the 1986 English University Entrance Exam : Trends and Impact on the Teaching-Learning Process in the Classroom"

kanittha Vanikieti

A Report on 1986 TESOL Summer Institute at the University of Hawaii

Premvadee Mullins

CULI ESL Teachers-Researchers at Work

Dusadee Chulasai

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