PASAA Volume 14 No.2 December 1984 (ISSN: 2287-0024)

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Report on The University of Manchester Approach

Sorani Wongbiasaj

Thai Students' Encounters with English : Two Common Situations Conductive to Improper Response

Thanyarat Panakul

CLT : A Promising Approach?

Manit Boonprasert

Toponyms in Eastern and Southeastern Thailand : A Preliminary Study of Village Names in Chonburi, Rayong, Chantacuri, and Trat

Jerry W. Gainey

Reading Comprehension Techniques Through Broad Contexts of Language

Prakaikaew Pasurapunya

Modified Cloze Tests as Predictive Measures of Language Acquirers and Academic Achievers

Kanchana Prapphal, Kenneth Pas and Surang Tanapongpipat

Techniques in Teaching English Writing

Bang-Orn Savangvarorose and Melvyn Sharman

A Construction of A Language Matrix for The Purposes of Teaching, Learning and Testing English As a Foreign Language and A Construction of Test for Testing Macro - Language Test

Kantatip Sinhaneti and Phan Banpho

A Study of Relevancy of Business English Course Taught at Thai University to The Needs of The Thai Business Community

Bang-Orn Savangvarorose

Optimal Levels of English Proficiency of Thai Students

Karnchana Prapphal

The Relationships Between the English Entrance Examinations and The Foundation English Achievement Tests of Chulalongkorn University

Karnchana Prapphal

Comparative Study of English Teaching and Learning at Graduate Levels by Direct Teaching, Self-Instruction and Personalizing Instruction

Achara Wongsothorn

A Study of the Remedial Teaching/Learning Techniques for Solving English Language Problems of Participants in The Intensive English Course Offered by CULI

Suphat Sukamolson

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