Pasaa Paritat Journal Volume 35 year 2020 (ISSN: 2286-9972)

27 April 2020
A Narrative Inquiry of a Chinese Novice Teacher’s Professional Identity Development

Siting Ou, Wareesiri Singhasiri
pages: 1-30

Integrating approaches to analyzing English e-mail correspondence in an import-export business

Montri Tangpijaikul
Pages: 31-60

Interactional Competence of Low-intermediate EFL Learners in a Cultural Exchange Conversation Task with Non-Thai English Speakers

Tanyaporn Arya
Pages: 61-115

Production of Referring Expressions: the Case of Color Overspecification

Jeeranan Arden
Pages: 116-144

A Study of the Information and Communication Technology Word List

จิรดา วุฑฒยากร, ภควรรณ ปักษี, ภาณุวัฒน์ จันทร์ภักดี, ศศิธร ลิมโกมลวิลาส
Pages: 145-165

Word Formation Processes in Thai Outdoor Advertisements

นันทวดี วงษ์เสถียร
หน้า: 166-198

The development of English achievements and moral of grade 4 and 5 students by using Aesop’s fables and the Cornell note taking method

ผัสสพรรณ ถนอมพงษ์ชาติ
หน้า: 199-239