PASAA Volume 55 January - June 2018 (ISSN: 2287-0024)

วันที่ 1 มกราคม 2561
Macro Discourse Markers in TED Talks: How Ideas are Signaled to Listeners

Kanokrat Uicheng and Michael Crabtree

Fostering Reflectivity through Jargon Books in a Teacher Education Context

Yonca Özkan

Attitudes Towards Code-switching in an English-medium Content Classroom

Yinager Teklesellassie and Emily Boersma

Sharing Vocabulary Size Test Scores with Students: What’s the Impact on Motivation?

Jay Tanaka and Patharaorn Patharakorn

The Effects of Using Corpus Tools on EFL Student Teachers' Learning and Production of Verb-Noun Collocations

Galip Kartal and Gonca Yangineksi

The Effectiveness of Online and Paper-Based Formative Assessment in the Learning of English as a Second language

Paul Joyce

Test-Taking Strategies Used in the Reading Section of the Test of English for Thai Engineers and Technologists: A Computerbased ESP Test

Thanaporn Waiprakhon and Natjiree Jaturapitakkul

A Development of a Game-based Supplementary E-learning Program for English for Veterinary Profession I

Satita Watanapokakul

The Notions of Language Proficiency and Language Dimensionality

Suthathip Thirakunkovit

Applying Communities of Practice Theory to Applied Linguistics Research

Julia Kimura

Book Review Language Learner Autonomy: Theory, Practice and Research

Muthita Chinpakdee

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